How to Make Friendships Last

As years pass and we grow up having our own responsibilities to handle, it might be difficult to maintain your friendships. Friendships are important as it helps you to share what’s happening in your life and know that you have someone out of the family who supports you. If you do not want your friendship to stray away especially the bond with your best friend, there are a few ways you can ensure that it does not happen.

  1. Share your secrets

Your friendship will be complicated if you keep secrets from one another as it will seem awkward to start any conversation sincerely. So share your secrets with your friends and do not hide anything that doesn’t need to be from them. They are your best friends so they will surely understand and know what you are going through. This works vice versa of course.

2. Find time to hang out

It cannot be denied that we all have our own thing to do but do find the time to hang out with your friend. Schedule a catch up session for a weekend brunch or dress up for a night out when you can. Clear up your busy schedule and bond together. This will definitely make you feel happier and refresh the next day. Sometimes we just need that friend to unwind with.

3. Be yourself

Never be fake with your best friend because it will make you seem insincere and not committed to the friendship. Show them your caring, sweet, compassionate, crazy, vulnerable side and this will absolutely make your friendship bond stronger in the long run.

4. Always be there when they need you

A friend in need is a friend indeed’. Be there when your friends needs you the most and have their back. Lend a shoulder to cry on, listen, give support and help out any way you can. Do not be the jerk who is only in the friendship when it is all sunshine and fun.

5. Never forget them when you are in a relationship

We all have that friend who suddenly disappears from our life when they enter a relationship and finds you when something goes wrong. DO NOT be that kind of friend as it only shows that you are not the true friend. People understand that you are head over heels over your new special someone but forgetting your friend completely is just a definite NO-NO. Why? Because if anything happens, your friend will always be the one you run back to so do not make them feel as they are taken for granted.

Do you ever experience friendships that are fading away? Feel free to share your stories in the comment section below.