How To: Social Media Detox

Technology is taking over our lives and that doesn’t seem like anything new anymore. Most likely because we’re already conditioned to it. It goes hand in hand with our daily lives…literally. Hands that never let go of your smart phone and other gadgetry. You’ll have it at the palm of your hands.

You live in it, you even go online shopping with it and everything seems to revolve around it. What’s the most important part of your phone? Well, your social media apps. Apps that connect, apps that fuel your ego you name it they’re all within the palm of your hands. If you take a step back and do a social media detox, you’ll find more positives even though it’s hard to let go.

First step is realisation. Recognising that you’re so tied up in your app and phone. How does one see? Here’s the irony, by using an app that helps you check how many times you look at your phone. Apt isn’t it? Free apps like “Checky” for instance will help you see how much or how often you look at your phone. If the numbers don’t alarm you, you probably don’t need a social media detox. If they do, step two is next.

Now that you know you have a problem, time to pick your poison. Choose one to leave behind for a week at least. The best way to do this is by picking the social media platform you use the most. Next, delete the app. Some who are brave enough may deactivate their account first and then delete the app so it’s up to your courage level. If you’re absolutely serious about leaving it ALL behind, delete both the account AND the app.

Three. Keep yourself level headed throughout the duration of your chosen detox length. Distract yourself with productivity. See how much time you’ll have to do better things rather than checking for how many likes and comments you get. Do people miss you? You’ll find out when you get back from detox. It’ll bruise your ego when you find out that your likes and comments might just be empty praises but hey, at least the detox helped you realise.

Needless to say, tech and social media are an integral part of daily life now. So quitting things for good isn’t really a solution for balance. Some have their work tied in social media so they can’t just leave it all behind. This detox is for those who do nothing better than check their phone and find that they realise how much work they could have done, how much connections they could have made offline instead of online. So detox with a pinch of salt.

Have you ever left social media behind? Is this detox for you? Share your experience and leave a comment.