Denim has been in the fashion scene for quite some time and it will never go out out style. Everyone knows that denim is definitely one the fashion piece which will always be a timeless clothing to own. However, there are three types of denim bottoms that a woman can style with confidence which includes denim jeans, denim shorts and denim skirts. For the individuals who are clueless on how to wear the denim bottoms can take a look at these three look ideas and pull it off with style.

1. Casual Shorts

Women who want to feel comfortable and look trendy effortlessly can pair their denim shorts with a basic tee or tank top on a casual day out. Relax on your off days from work wearing the casual denim shorts and go about town feeling confident as ever. The casual denim shorts are suitable to be matched with any footwear such as flip flops, sandals or flats and still make you appear stylish in your own way.

2. Simple Chic

The most common choice of denim bottom a woman would flaunt is the lovely jeans. You can find jeans in various colour and designs from many brands to fit your own personal style. From black, white, numerous shades of blue as well as colourful designs, match it with a nice t-shirt for the perfect simple chic appearance or add some spice with a nice jacket to complete a trendy look.

3. Edgy Feminine

For the ladies who want to show off denim bottoms with an edgy feminine flare will absolutely love the denim skirts. You can always pair your cute denim skirts with a cute blouse or basic tee and style it everywhere you go. This outfit is perfect for you to wear out on a girl’s day out or even a date with the special someone.

Try these wonderful denim bottom looks and step out of the house feeling gorgeous from head-to-toe. You got any denim bottom look ideas to share with us? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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