In Focus: ZALORAICON Tengku Syahmi


Malaysian fashion designer and inspirer, describes the ZALORAICON of the moment. From clean silhouettes to minimalist cuts with an eye for detail and a whisk of tradition, Tengku Syahmi creates a movement of his own through his collections throughout the years. Get to know more about him plus the bits and pieces of his creative mind.

1. So, how do you feel about being a ZALORA ICON?

Extremely honoured and super flattered. Thank you for having me!

2. Your collection designs evolve over time. Would you briefly share what influences these changes?

For me, I am always on the look out for something new. Exposing myself to try and learn new things and experiences. Whether its pop culture, music, art and to even current issues. Nostalgia plays a big part too and innovating it for the now.

3. If you could have any celebrity wear your design, who would it be and where would they wear it to?

Anywhere as long as its Jennifer Connelly.

4. Name the most interesting person you’ve met.

My business partner Natalie Zainal.




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5. Rewind back in time a little. Is there anything you would change?

If I had the chance to, it would probably be to have an experience in retail or working under a company. Oh and also start my savings early!

6. A piece of advice for aspiring fashion designers and fashionpreneurs out there?

Get to know yourself and be prepared to work hard.


“It’s not about who you are wearing, it’s about how you wear it.”

7. If you could improve one thing about the creative industry in Malaysia, what would it be?

For us to have a Design Community for the creative industries in Malaysia.

8. Who or what is your latest muse?

Been obsessing with everything disco lately. Very 70’s and 80’s vibe and a bit of Miami Vice.

9. Share your favourite song currently in your playlist.

Baby, Come To Me — Patti Austin

10. Describe the perfect weekend in 3 words.

Good company, good food & drinks and enough rest.

You can shop Tengku Syahmi’s style now on ZALORA!