Is Micellar Water Just A Beauty Fad?

What began in France many years ago has recently been fetching a lot of craze from the realm of beauty — worldwide. What exactly does it do that people just want to jump in on the band wagon? For one thing, with the ever so popularised how-to-be-Parisian guides found in books and on the internet, people in general feel the need to want it all. Not just the style but also the beauty aspect.

Micellar Water is an all purpose cleaner…for your face and it quadruples as a makeup remover, cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Now, not everyone agrees to this. What it does is it definitely removes makeup however you’re going to need a lot more for a deeper cleanse to get rid of heavy residue. So for those who pat on powder (just powder no more, no less) for the day, Micellar Water can be an effective so called makeup remover but not everyone goes out au naturale everyday. So in essence, Micellar Water isn’t really a deep clean makeup remover.

A cleanser, toner and moisturiser? Some may find it a wee bit too strange to dab Micellar Water on and call it a day in their beauty regime. Why? Because it leaves a sticky or tacky feel especially in humid weather like Malaysia. For those with dry skin, it might be quite alright because of the moisturising properties. For oily to combination skin, you’ll probably feel like washing your face again so as an exception, Micellar Water can be an addition to your beauty routine but only as a pre-cleanse.

Safe to say, Micellar Water is a definite okay for dry and sensitive skin. For other skin types, you might want to consider it as just another step in your beauty care. So is it just a fad? Depends on how you use it and how you like it. The hype probably won’t die down anytime soon so might as well jump on and give it a try. What do you think? Leave a thought or two below!