It’s a New Year New You Ladies!

Start the year off on a fresh slate and toss behind old threads that defined 2015’s wardrobe. Ladies, throw on a tartan coat and team it with flared velvet trousers for instant street style chic, or replace with a tweed jacket for classiness and fabulousness (as Coco Chanel says). The philosophy of fashion is simple — you can be whoever you want to be. Who will you be in 2016?


The girl who wakes up already beautiful. Her hair is effortlessly tousled and her skin glows. She dons relaxed silhouettes and soft textures in muted palettes and is ironically normcore even without trying to be normcore.

“Normcore is a collective, neutral blandness — eschewing obvious markers of luxury, fashion and distinctive style and instead opting for a more low key, cool look with a dash of athleticism and a whiny of the ‘90s.”


The girl you see at Fashion Week wh’s on-the-go with hands full, but photographers are clamouring to take her pictures much to her obliviousness. The reason? She follows no fashion rules, breaks genres and has a statement piece that never fails to turn heads on the street.


The girl who takes the cue from Coco, inspired by her signature style because tweed and pearls have been a winning and timeless combination since the ’50s. She keeps the look modern with a fresh complexion and a statement red lip.

“A girl should always be two things — classy & fabulous”


The girl whose style other girls secretly want to copy but are too afraid to. Kiss your good-girl garbs goodbye. Miss Badass borrows the best from hip-hop stars like Rihanna, new-age entrepreneurs like Sophie Amoruso of Nastygal and fashion house Saint Laurent.


The girl who’s vintage-obsessed with trends from the past eras — ’60s mod, ’70s folk, you name it she loves it. She keeps the look fashion-forward, not fuddy-duddy by pairing vintage-inspired elements with current trends and the result is a style completely unique to her own.