It’s All About The Glitz

We’re taking highlighting to the next level with full on glitter in this season’s craze for glitterama. Of course, highlighters offer just as much shimmer but more about that later on. Let’s focus on what’s so unique that it can be daunting to delve into for many first-timer glitter babies. With many questions that pop up in your head from how to when you could have the perfect glitter moment, continue reading on to find out more.

  1. Speaking of drama (Lips)

Call it shimmer, name it gloss. Either way, pucker up those kissable lips and plump up with some gloss right after you apply a base colour. You’ll need a base colour so the gloss doesn’t bleed out the lines and it works the same way a lip liner does — to keep the gloss in check. Opt for gloss that already as shimmer in it. If you wish to downplay the shine, pick an invisible gloss for high shine and maximum glimmer. For those who aren’t fans of gloss, there’s another way to play with glitter on your pout. Here’s where the highlighter comes in. After applying your base lip colour, dab on some neutral coloured highlighter gently. Make sure you’re only using safe made products for this. You wouldn’t want to eat anything toxic. But this totally means that it’s time to invest in a really good gloss just in case.

2. Look at me now (Eyes Part 1)

Now we all know what a cut crease is but if you don’t, it’s a technique where you cut across your eye crease to define it — usually used with eyeshadow for a dramatic effect. Let’s bring it up a notch but we’ll still play it cool with subtlety. How about a glitter cut crease where you’re not into doing too much but you’re also out there enough to give it a try? For this effect, you’ll be needing a steady hand (practice makes perfect!) and a glitter eyeliner or eye pencil. Whichever you’re most confident and comfortable with using. Perfect for a night out or to an exclusive event, you can give this glitter style a whirl by changing up the colours from neutral bronzes, golds and silvers to even more graphic colours such as blue, pink or a daredevil’s purple.

3. Set a demure gaze (Eyes Part 2)

Last but certainly not the least, a surefire way to pull off glitter this season is by adding a simple touch of glimmer to your eyes — fully. Glitter isn’t always just for long nights out or events of splendid glamour. If you’d like to utilise the glitter potential fully, get yourself a highlighting stick or eyeshadow with pigmented glitter or shimmer. For days out on a sunny day, stick to icy whites, silvers, bronzes or soft pinks. You’ll want it to be barely there but just enough for people to look and give you a double take. It’s the prettiest way to dress up your eyes in glitter and still be able to play it coy.

Have you tried glitter yet? Share your thoughts (or tips) in the comment section down below.