Ivy Park: Activewear for the Strong Woman

Ivy Park is Beyonce’s latest collection of activewear, made for the woman who strives to excel in all areas of her life, thus staying at the top of her game.

Know Ivy Park

A stellar combination of technology and fashion,Ivy Park is meant to be worn both on and off the field. On the technology front, all Ivy Park apparel comes with a tough, protective outer layer, yet its inner layer is moisture-wicking in nature, amplifying not just performance, but also comfort. Great attention is given to every single hemline and stitch which makes all the difference to the wearer.

The Ivy Park Woman

Possessing both physical strength and mental grit, the Ivy Park woman constantly challenges herself and strives to keep pushing forward. Every single woman is an Ivy Park woman-the brand prides itself on being inclusive and supportive of all women, whether she is a team player or a yoga practitioner. Ivy Park is a brand which stands for positive attitudes towards body images, and encourages all women to love and work with their bodies. Not falling prey to outdated beauty standards, Ivy Park focuses on strength, healthy and community.

The Apparel

The Ivy Park customer wants to stay in shape and look fashionable while doing so. Keeping this in mind, every single Ivy Park is designed to be worn both on the street as well as the field. Forward-thinking and committed to positivity, Ivy Park apparel is a product of fine engineering.

Invest in an Ivy Park piece and realize the value of your inner strength.