Join 11.11 for a Single’s Day fun!

The much anticipated Single’s Day has arrived and if you haven’t got a clue as to what it is, don’t worry because we’ve got the facts covered for you plus a little extra for all the singletons out there looking for a festive way to celebrate. Perhaps you’ve even got your own idea about what and why people all over the world celebrate this event with much hype. Well whatever it may be, you’ll just need to know that big sales are here so go ahead and get a headstart on the event today!

Let’s start with the intro to Single’s Day. Now, the best part about it, there are massive sales happening worldwide and yes, of course including Malaysia! Alright, simmer down there’s got to be one of you still wondering where in the world (literally) did Single’s Day pop out from. It originates from China where the young folks of the country celebrated the joys and wonders of being single with yes you guessed it — shopping. The date 11.11 itself consists of four one’s thus being celebrated as a day dedicated to singles.

Look out though, on the day of huge sales, there are a few things to remember to avoid disappointment and perhaps even withdrawal. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Sites will crash

You heard it right, online shopping is fun and all but take note that it’s all digital and tech. Be prepared for huge traffic on every online shop platform out there. Make sure your internet speed is ahead so you can grab the last item in stock or whatever is still available. Breathe, take it easy an error or two is bound to happen on the webpage.

2. Remember to share the love

You don’t have to be single to shop on Single’s Day. Couples can go online and shop together whereas singles can go about doing their own thing, splurging to their heart’s content. Perhaps even grab a few things for their family and friends. Celebrate as much love possible!

3. It’s okay to miss the sale

Woke up too late only to find out that the sale is over? Calm down, there’s going to be another huge sale event soon enough. Relax, don’t get caught up in the sale although you might regret not being able to grab your wishlist item for a bargain. Save up and don’t worry, there’s always Black Friday which is just a month or less away!

Now that you’re equipped with the know how’s of Single’s Day, it’s time to get shopping! Don’t forget to leave a good tip down below.