Know Your Denim: Jean Cuts that Look Good on You

Shopping for your new set of favorite jeans can get tough. Which cut is best for your body shape and how do you style them?

All thanks to Calvin Klein’s newest denim collection, we’re given a dose on all the must-knows on denim jeans. Check out this comprehensive and totally helpful guide before you restock and upgrade your jeans collection in time for the next season in fashion.


From left to right: Straight, Flare and Slim.

The most basic and classic of all, the straight cut jeans settle a fit just below the waist. It has a straight leg opening that gives you a slim look without hugging your legs. With its timeless appeal and not-so-tight fit, it’s a flattering pick for all body types.

A throwback and homage to the pants trend of the 70’s. The flare cut features a slim hugging fit on the thighs and loosens up around the knees until opening up to a boot leg cut. It’s a great pick for broad shouldered and narrow hipped women as it gives more structure and symmetry to match that sleek retro silhouette.

Giving you more room that the usual skinny jeans, the slim cut is for the slender as well as the curvaceous gal. It has a slimmer yet straight cut on the legs but also hugs your bottoms and thighs.

From left to right: Relaxed and Body.

Exactly how it sounds, the relaxed fit gives you a not-so-loose and not-so-tight fit from the hips all the way through the thigh and has a slightly drop crotch. Slightly loose compared to your straight cut jeans, it’s the denim choice to snag for that ultimate casual and cool look.

It’s the all-around jeans. When it comes to flattering and flaunting your body type, these jeans help you contour and enhance your legs while giving you a roomier fit on the thighs. For that sought after flattering stomach, toned thighs and a tight bottom, this stretchy denim pick is for you.

The ever so famous and always-trending jeans fit are your skinnies. Pairing it with your most casual looks up to your best feminine tops, skinny jeans have gained merit for not only elongating your legs but also giving you that long slender feel. There are three types of skinny jeans according to waist cuts:

1. High Rise Skinny
The jeans settle above the waist and feature your usual skinny leg opening. It’s the pick that gives you longer looking legs and best worn with a variety of your crop tops and blouses.

2. Mid Rise Skinny
Sitting below waist on hips and with a skinny leg opening, the mid rise is a perfect choice for dressier looks and everyday wear. You can tuck in your shirts and give off a more flattering silhouette with this pick.

3. Low Rise Skinny
These skinnies sits a little below your waist on hips. Giving off a sleek and clean looking silhouette, it’s the choice to pick when flaunting your biker jackets, black leather staples and a pair of classy boots.

Veer away from the feminine picks and go for a more masculine-borrowed style. The boyfriend jeans are your ultimate pick for a truly laid-back and cool look. It has a relaxed and slightly tapered leg opening. It has rolled cuffs and distressed details for that cool worn-out look. With its very roomy fit around the hips and legs, it’s the super stylish and comfortable choice.

Extremely skinny and leg-hugging, the leggings are the most stretchy and form-fitting of them all. It fits and contours your thighs, bottoms and legs giving you that slim and sleek silhouette all the way.


From left to right: Straight, Slim Straight and Skinny.

Similar to women’s straight cut, it features a straight fit through the hips up until the thighs and legs. It’s a little more room in the thighs for a more relaxed fit and is perfect for a laid-back and classic casual look.

Slim Straight
A tad tighter than the usual straight cut, a slim straight style gives you a more long and lean look. It shows off a narrow leg opening for a roomier fit. When flaunting your smart casuals, this is the pick of the day.

A choice to feature your long, toned and flattering legs? This is the skinny jeans retrofitted for the guys. It has a slimmer fit around the hips all the way through the thighs and a narrower fit on the legs.

Super Skinny
With an extra stretchy feature, the super skinny fit is similar to your skinnies but also tighter around the ankles. To match your denim, leather, and bomber jackets, the super skinny jeans.

Slouchy Skinny
For a not-so-tight fit on your skinnies, the slouchy skinny gives you a roomy fit with a drop crotch and a tapered extra narrow leg opening. It’s an all-day comfortable buddy to all your tuck in favorites.

It’s the pick that fits all body types. Body fit contours, hugs and enhances your shape making it a perfect match for both your dressed-up and dressed-down looks.

The roomy and comfortable pick for the guys, the tapered jeans gives you more space around the leg. It also features a relaxed hug on your hip and thighs. When donning your basics and your everyday casuals, it’s the perfect pick.

When faced with finding the most flattering denims or jeans, you need a quick and easy guide to cling on. Shop for Calvin Klein’s denim and jeans collection at ZALORA and find out which picks suits you the best.