This season, ZALORA brings to you the hottest, most exclusive brands from the runways of South Korea. With 16 new K-fashion brands coming your way, each of them distinct in their sartorial offerings, you’ll be pretty hard pressed to not find something to your liking.

1. Lucky Chouette: Jardin de Chouette, a women’s ready to wear line created by South Korean designer Kim Jae-Hyun, served as inspiration for the establishment of the smart casual-clothes selling brand, Lucky Chouette. Gathering inspiration from street styles, the brand caters to the young and the cool. Silhouettes are short and chunky, with oversized blouses and short, outward-flaring skirts. While prints are significant to the design of the apparel, it is the owl which features most prominent across the collection.

2. RocketXLunch: ROCKET X LUNCH believes in allowing its 90’s influenced boxy cuts and solid colour schemes to do the talking, rather than rely on a logo. ROCKET X LUNCH is a prolific brand, designing four collections every year and being active both domestically and internationally. Featuring quirky designs, bold fonts and chunks of text, ROCKET X LUNCH is a brand known to young fashion influencers as trendy, original and affordable.

3. Among: Among places great emphasis on inter-personal relations when it comes to clothing. Clothes involve several relationship dynamics: the wearer of the clothes, the designer, and the spectator. Striving to be more than just a name or face in the crowd, if there’s anything that Among does not stand for, it is definitely trivial clothing. Featuring plenty of soft pastels and box-like cuts, Among’s clothes always have an extraordinary story to tell.

4.Recto: Borrowing heavily from the French definition of the word ‘recto’ meaning the front side of a sheet of paper, the brand names itself as such in order to signify the beginning of their journey. When one loudly verbalizes the word Recto, a formal, neutral mood which encapsulates so appropriately all that the brand stands for, sets in. Androgyny, is Recto’s middle name, as the brand loves to play with the ambiguous boundary which separates menswear from womenswear. And if Recto’s sharp silhouettes and solid colours are anything to go by, that boundary is very blurred indeed.

5. Mag & Logan: This Korean-born couture house is all about classic feminine glam. The second line to be created by renowned South Korean couture couple Mag and Logan, the collection features elegant ready to wear apparel.

6. Jucy Judy: Jucy Judy is all about girlish sensitivity. Despite this feminine whimsicality, Jucy Judy’s apparel carries a street edge. With it’s funky prints and coquettish vibe, Jucy Judy is all for selfie culture, celebrating girls who audaciously flaunt their facial expression and their OOTDs via social media. Priding themselves on not being sartorially complacent, Jucy Judy’s creations range from clothes meant for work to clothes meant for the streets.

7. DEBB: Romantic Minimalism’: That’s the style Andy & Debb, a well known South Korean designer duo whose works have been featured on Seoul Fashion Week, hope to achieve with their collection, DEBB. Dubbed as the “fun little sister” of the Andy & Debb brand, DEBB’s clothes give off an infectious 90s anime-schoolgirl vibe, with their pinafores, jumpsuits and sailor-type A-line dresses and collars

8. Workwear: Can work be play? Workwear says yes! Made for the fashionista is in equal parts passionate about her work, yet knows how to let her hair down, Workwear prides itself on being able to highlight the contrast between two differing styles, yet blend them together beautifully, all in the same ensemble. Oscillating between minimalistic, lean silhouettes and intricate artwork, Workwear’s clothes are for the creative individual who is excited by endless possibilities and opportunities.

9. Wnderkammer: Inspired by the nude subjects of U.S based photographer Ryan Mcginley, the brand draws out the elements of freedom and naturalism from his work. Rather than being objectified, it is his muses that hold the most power in the frame. His rather unique style makes his work distinct, a philosophy which Wnderkammer attempts to embody. Basic, simple and minimalistic is favoured far more than fancy or vibrant by the designers of Wnderkammer. “Soft charisma’ as the makers of the apparel put it, is what leaves a lasting impression of the wearers of the clothes.

10. Nohant: Inspired by the French pronunciation of the brand’s designer, Noah Nam’s name, [no-ahng] or Nohant is a producer of unisex, ready to wear apparel. The Seoul-based clothing house was founded based on the fundamental premise of creating iconic essentials which can be worn by both men and women, daily. “The Brunch Look” as upheld by Nohant, exudes casual elegance,is ultra-modern yet simple; these qualities are key of Parisians. Being a fashion house where comrades work together in order to create garments with enduring style and of unflinching quality, honesty, spontaneity and creativity are some revered qualities embodied by the brand. Brand designer Noah Nam pays close heed to Coco Chanel’s words, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury,” as he focuses on designing apparel which is timeless in its aesthetic and sophistication. new kidz nohant: A unisex casual street line out of NOHANT, newkidz nohant works in tandem with artists from a variety of fields in order to gather the best ideas, leading to the creation of fun fashion trends and apparel. Distinct from NOHANT’s modern, yet simple ‘Brunch Look’, new kidz nohant’s motto ‘From newkidz to new kids’ is all about making a difference. With a significant portion of the brand’s profits being donated to needy children, new kidz nohant believes in the usage of imagination and initiative in order to be able to make a difference.

11. 9 by 91,2: Born in South Korea in 1990, 9,12 is the brainchild of Goo One Lee. Heavily inspired by elements of youth culture of teenage Korean girls, such as skateboards, tattoos, graffiti and band music, 91,2 is not only spearheading the youth movement, but also creating new, fresh elements of youth culture on the streets of Seoul.

12. ILC: Love Chicken, the full form of ILC, is actually a clothing brand! The quaintly named brand carries clothes almost as bizzare as its name, featuring slightly disfigured versions of famous paintings and personalities. The second line to come from the DBSW (Drink Beer Save Water) brand, a quirky men’s clothing line, the designers of the brand were unable to decide whether the fried chicken or beer was served first. In order to announce their profound love for fried chicken to the world, the founders decided to create a whole new clothing line around it!

13. Customellow: Cloaked in retrospect, Customellow’s apparel makes usage of the collective memory of human lives, and reconstructs them into images that paint a picture of the present day. Fostering enriching relationships with young, dynamic artists whose works are contemporary at best, Customellow strives to enrich the lives of their patrons with their hybrid works that blend culture and fashion, thus creating valuable apparel which stands the test of time. Melancholic and tinged with a sense of nostalgic sorrow, the solid colours and flowing silhouettes invoke a sense of pathos.

14. EONE: Eone is all about accessibility for all. With an innovative spirit, Eone is on the unwavering mission of creating stylish products which can be enjoyed by everyone. Pronounced [e-one], ‘e’ like the letter and ‘one’ like the number, the desire to serve one and all is reflected in the name. Born out of a Kickstarter project, Eone’s flagship product “The Bradley’ was created in a bid to assist the visually impaired. The Bradley does not require the usage of sight to be able to tell the time. Inclusive in nature, The Bradley allows the wearer to discreetly check the time during meetings,dates, interviews and in dark movie theatres. Gone are the days when the visually impaired had to rely on fragile, inaccurate timepieces. Good design is one that is inclusive, not exclusive. Partnered with The Seeing Eye, one of the oldest existing guide dog schools in the world, Eone remains true to their cause of inclusive fashion.

15. Rawrow: Fun. Simplicity. Essence. Use these keywords as a guide to familiarize yourself with Rawrow, and plenty of fun you shall have indeed. The Seoul-based fashion accessory brand derives its compound name from two words, “raw’ and ‘row”, in the context of a matrix. By asking the question, “Why do we use bags?” Rawrow attempts to capture the essence of bags in its most fundamental form: a container, a tool used to store items. With great emphasis placed on the structure and usage of the bag, the design of the bag is versatile, allowing the wearer to use the bag for a variety of purposes.

16. Lapalette: A concept store for designer brands worldwide, Lapalette prides itself on offering witty, quirky products to its fashionable consumers. Born of British humour, Lapalette’s collection is infused with doses of colour, as a nod to contemporary lifestyle and culture. The brand’s eclectic range of bags, watches and shoes are all about outrageous prints, colours and embellishments. Animal prints and pop-art style slogans add to the quaintness of Lapalette’s collection.