Laze For Days

Ever felt like excelling in being a street style star but never really had the upkeep? Lucky for you, lazy wearis one of the in-things of street style. It’s not just all about polished and coordinated looks from head to toe now, there’s a fuming trend going on for the “lazing around” look. Don’t take it the wrong way, just because an outfit is lazy, doesn’t mean it won’t take at least a little bit of effort so make sure to give and take — you laze some, you think some. Here are some really simple ways of bringing out your inner street style flame.

  1. Comfy oversized goodness

It takes less than a few minutes to choose items for this look and you’re probably not THAT lazy to spend those minutes picking them out. Think oversized men’s long sleeve shirts, comfy lightweight pullovers for hot days or something as simple as an oversized dress. Mind the sleeves! The longer they are, the better. Aim for long bell sleeves or just the let the oversized men’s shirt cuffs to fall just above the palm of your hands. Don’t forget to throw on a pair of sunglasses for added flair.

2. Long long legs

Note how easy it is to pull off lazy but still remain stylishly effortless. There’s something about giving a little leg exposure and that height extension effect it gives. Don’t worry if you’re tall, short, chubby or tiny. It doesn’t matter because it works for everyone. If you’re a little bit on the shy side, put on a layer of sheer leggings or thigh length stockings. Key point, make sure the top part of your outfit falls slightly above your thighs. Want more chic laziness? Throw over a backpack and you’re good to go.

3. The colour black

Everyone has a black clothing piece in their closet and lucky for you, it’s a cheat way of rocking laze wear. You either keep it simple (and lazy but cool) with black and white or you play up your colours a little by adding extra effort. Choose to have colour accents in your outfit and bring them into play by having the colour black as its core. A pop of colour is always refreshing for any lazy day out. If you’re feeling adventurous, think of using 2 accent colours instead of one. This will give your outfit a bit more push. For a super effective street style flair, don’t forget that a great jacket goes a long way.

So what’s your essential for a lazy day outfit? A fitted cap? Loafers? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.