Life’s Better with Billabong

Unapologetically Australian, Billabong was founded on the Gold Coast in 1973. Surfing has been synonymous with the Billabong brand, as it strives to provide surfers and boardriders with functional products of superior quality. Billabong is at the helm of the “boardsport movement” a platform of self-expression for the renegade youth. The brand and its products are for those who embrace the boardsport lifestyle in all its forms-surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, flowboarding and snowboarding.

When it comes to bikinis, Billabong can proudly proclaim that it caters to every body type. In addition to being extremely comfortable and anti-crease, our bikinis also made from Peach Stretch Lycra because it helps the swimwear dry quickly. Each swimwear piece comes in either beautiful seasonal prints or vibrant solid colours. Soft and comfortable, each digitally printed bikini is anti-crease in nature, ensuring that the fabric fits snugly over your body.

Billabong Women

Billabong presents to you three very distinct collections for women. Each selection has its own style, colours and celebrates the diverse personalities of all women out there who love to rock a bikini.

BAREFOOT WANDERING: Inspired by vintage swimsuits of yore, the Barefoot Wandering collection is all about halter tops and high waisted shorts. The collection captures the tropical beauty of Hawaii and Bali by means of floral motifs and vintage postcards. Leaning on the paler side of the colour palette, the collection features soft cotton open-back styles, linen shorts and paisley embellishments.

DARK PARADISE: The Billabong life is all about bikinis and island adventures. The oriental prints and inky Turkish blue base woven into coveted multi-wear number bring together the best of East and West. The collection features plenty of wrap dresses, laced playsuits and off-shoulder tops, reminiscent of the Eighties.

SEA DREAMS: Dreamy yet adventurous, the Sea Dreams collection is for the free-spirited belle whose middle name is bohemian chic. Featuring shades of blue, and traditional tie-and-dye techniques, the collection exudes pure island luxe through its white-tile and metal lion prints. Reversible halters, frilly bandeau tops, lace-embellished one-pieces and waffle textures form some of the staple items in this collection.

Billabong Men

Featuring recyclable material, colourful prints, and quick-drying fabric, Billabong’s collections for men are a sporty treat, especially for those who call the sandy Australian beaches and sky-blue waters their second home. Born in early 2007, the Billabong Recycler Boardshort Programme was home to only one style of boardshorts. Come 2009, the Platinum X Recycler was created out of the industry’s first recycled performance stretch fabric. Fastforward to 2011, SAI Corporate Program Member, the Billabong Group received the Leader of Change award from the United Nations-supported Foundation for Social Change for their efforts to improve social and environmental impacts through its ethical business and production of environmentally cleaner product.

SUBMERSIBLE: A marriage of the urban and surf lifestyle, the Submersible collection combines the comfortable fabric of boardshorts with the style of walkshorts, resulting in an amphibious creation which is suited for both land and water. Whether submerged in water or completely dry, these shorts will function regardless.

LO TIDES: The shorts featured in the Lo Tides collection are stretchy, come with side pockets and are water-repellent, enabling quick drying. But that’s not the coolest thing about them. A single pair of boardshorts from Lo Tides help to keep approximately 25 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill or polluting a beautiful ocean. The shorts use a stretchable fabric which is made from recyclable PET bottles. Lo Tides’s uniqueness lies in its shorter leg length and its inseam side pockets, allowing the wearer to switch from waltzing on the beach to a quick surf in the waters.

TRIBONG: Much like its name, the classic surf shorts from the Tribong collection pack a triple punch-features a mashup of vibrant solid colours in conjunction with eclectic patterns. Tribong’s style was conceived in 1983 when the founder of Billabong, Gordon Merchant voiced his vision of what boardshorts should look like. After countless sketches and tests in the waters of Burleigh and Angourie, the iconic Tribong boardshorts was born. Tribong’s style is simplistic and refined, embodying Gordon’s zealous collision of craftsmanship and style. Epitomising the classic surf short,Tribong’s eclectic tri-colour blocked panels are the perfect vehicle for disruptive colour combinations and signature motifs.