Like Mother Like Daughter, With Cotton On Body

Cotton On Body celebrates the bond between a mother and daughter with their new range of loungewear outfits. Mothers’ Day is not just a time to appreciate the special woman in our lives but to honour the relationship between mothers and daughters. Who better to share with us that story than Laura and Shirley Dundovic, Australian models and celebrities!


“We have double of so much”

Laura and Shirley are like twins. Both of them have their own individual style and yet one wants what the other is wearing. With the new collection, it looks like it would be tough for the Mother-Daughter pair to share! From the luxurious plush gown to the nightie, it looks like what good dreams are made of.

Mother-Daughter Pastime

Mums and their girls love to cook. Of course, Cotton On Body provides comfortable and roomie flannel pants and fashionable long socks. They are perfect for a night in! We can picture Laura and her mother making their sugarless chocolates while flaunting their favourite looks.

Express the bond between Mothers and Daughters with these curated pieces from Cotton On Body!

Kimono Gown
Chill Out V Neck Dress
Ginger Lace Tank
Sleepy Tee
Fringed Hem Kimono Gown
A Printed Tee