Makeup is seen to be a true life saver for women as it helps us perk up our looks every time we wake up in the morning. We cannot deny that we do need some makeup to feel that extra boost of confidence to lead the day. One of the must-have makeup items for every women to own in their purse or at home is a few lipsticks. Lipstick definitely gives colour to your face and lighten ups your appearance. However since we all are born with different skin tones, choosing the right lipstick shade is crucial. For fair skin ladies, it is a blessing as you can experiment with various coloured lipsticks. If you have no clue what are among the top lipstick shades you can rock, check them down below:

a) Nude

If you are someone who prefers a natural touch, nude lipstick shades will totally blend well with your skin tone. It helps covers up your pale lips and still makes you appear naturally beautiful. The tip is to put a little more colour to your eyes in order to balance out the makeup look.

b) Baby Pink

Meanwhile, ladies who prefer to maintain a feminine appeal baby pink is the most common lipstick shades that not only fair skin tone ladies apply but also others as well. It is a very versatile colour for all skin tones and gives off that sweet girlish touch to your look.

c) Bold Red

Some fair skin women who feels that they need a quick pick me up, the bold red coloured lipstick will be the perfect choice. It shows a fierce appearance which will definitely make you feel sexy sophisticated everywhere you go. The colour gives drama and pops up your entire beautiful facial feature.

Any more lipstick shades that you think will suit the fair skin tone ladies out there? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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