Lucky Number 3

It’s ZALORA’s 3rd birthday! We’ve run faster, played smarter and grown bigger in the past three years, so what better way to celebrate than with tiara’s, tutu’s, balloons and cake. Get your glad-rags on people — because the party won’t start unless you walk in!

In a ZALORA Magazine exclusive, we go behind the face of ZALORA’s 3rd birthday campaign. The star of Lucky Number 3, and winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2, SHEENA LIAM tells us how she own’s the birthday!

1. When’s your birthday?

The 7th May and no I’m not telling you the year!

2. What are your key must‐haves to ensure you OWN THE PARTY?

Good shoes you don’t have to take off halfway or go home early because they’re killing you. I hate when that happens, but when it does I tend to take my shoes off and dance in my socks!

3. What’s your favourite party food?

Cotton candy, anything fried haha, oooh and NACHOS! How could I forget the nachos!?

4. What do you love most about birthdays?


5. The best party I’ve ever been to was……

This house party my University mates threw when we graduated because……Everyone showed up and there was a pool and our own DJ. Just a really great vibe.

6. If you could invite any 5 people in the world to your party — who would you invite?

Roald Dahl, Tina Fey, Donald Glover, Morgan Freeman and can I have Interpol the band as a collective?

7. What’s your favourite party game?

Is drunk karaoke a party game?

8. What do you want for your birthday this year?

A bouncing castle and an open bar, pretty please!

9. How do you OWN the party? Select your perfect party outfit from and show us your style!