Making Easter Bunny Pompoms with Megan

Megan Schmidtke is one half of Melbourne-based creative collective Mimi-Myrtle + Co. With a combined talent for design, flowers, events and styling, this dynamic duo were our go to for all things Easter art and craft. Here’s Megan’s guide to making Easter Bunny pompoms (and to giving them some personality!)…

“If we all had to choose a craft to do forever mine would be pompoms. I love them. Most of my creative thoughts end with “and what about pompoms?” I have tried pompom makers but you can’t go past the fluffiness you get from making your own cardboard templates. I’ve also realised that the only thing cuter than a teeny pompom is a pompom with a face. Now all my pompoms have personalities and these ones love carrots and Easter… naturally…”

Materials Required:

• Wool
• Cardboard
• Felt
• Beads
• Hot glue gun
• Scissors

Craft Guide:

• Cut 2 circles out of cardboard the same size.
• Fold the circles in half and cut a smaller circle, creating a donut shape.

• Then to start cut 10 arm length strands of wool.
• Wind them around your cardboard to cover the donut template.
• Keep adding more groupings of 10 strands until you can’t fit anymore.

• Hold the middle of pompom and cut around the edge.
• Tie a piece of wool around the centre.
• Remove cardboard templates.

• Fluff and trim your pompom.
• Cut ears and nose from felt and hot glue into place.
• Hot glue beads for eyes and small white pompom as the tail.

Hang these wherever you want the Easter Bunny to leave your chocolates!