Men, here’s how to revamp your wardrobe

It’s not just women who love fashion and style. The men are into it just as well. However, there are a few who may be new to the whole “fashion-thing” and they’re probably clueless as to how to begin so here’s a super quick reference guide on the little things all you men out there can do to jumpstart your fashion and style journey.

1. Filter what you have

Take a look into your closet and pay attention to what you own. Chances are, you have duplicates of the same item(s) and probably wear one more than the other. You’re wasting space and not giving enough room for yourself to branch out into new styles. Filter through the doubles and get rid of them so you can narrow down and find out what you actually wear versus what you don’t wear at all. Psst…time to rid of clothing that have wear and tear too!

2. Step out of your comfort zone

So you know what you enjoy wearing but that’s because you feel safe and okay in it. If you want a total revamp, rethink how to wear them and how you can change things up. You love comfy baggy jeans but they’re not exactly flattering so start by getting slim fits which are in between a regular cut and skinny cut. Remember, flattering jeans or pants really ups your game even with a slight change of fitting.

3. Time to grow up

Every grown man needs this essential item in their wardrobe — a suit that fits you real good. Well, if you can’t splurge on a personalised tailored suit, get a ready made one that you for sure know fits you right. You don’t necessarily have to purchase a whole suit in one go. Aim for the fitted dress shirt first which can easily be bought in a neutral crisp white. Next, aim for a pair of slim fit trousers. Lastly, the blazer and dress shoes which can be Oxfords or Brogues.

P/s: These items can all be worn separately so you can mix and match them and go between casual to formal. Definitely versatile and worth the buy.

4. Add accessories for spice

We’re not talking about your deodorant here when it comes to spice. Although, smelling good is also another way to look and feel good so that’s a side note. Just like women who love completing their look with a good pair of ear rings or a statement necklace, you men can too. The ONE go-to accessory? A sleek watch. The right watch can add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe much like a pair of aviators or the right tie. Time to start accessorising!

5. Make the right choices

Dress for the occasion. Set a bar that’s appropriate to the event and dial it up or tone it down. How exactly would you know when or how to do this? Learn and apply. Observe, read up. Fashion isn’t about following trends but knowing what they are and developing your own style persona. It’s okay if you have to copy at first because within time, you’ll figure out your own personal style and dress your way around trends without seeming like a copy paster.

There you have it guys! Give it a try and start by sorting and tossing out your favourite shirt that probably has pit stains or socks with holes in them. One step at a time. What’s your own tip for a wardrobe revamp?