Men Wallet Guide Style

No men can deny this but wallets are a big part of their whole look. You may have a stylish outfit on but with the wrong wallet, it just jeopardizes your entire appearance. So what are the style guide tips for wallets that men should take into consideration? Functionality and Style are the two most important factors for men to acknowledge.

One of the problems men have is that wallets tend to bulge out of their pockets and this is definitely an eye sore for your look. Ladies may have the upper hand of stuffing their wallet in their handbags but what about men? From identification cards, bank cards and cash, men also need to carry these important things along too and having a gorge looking wallet is not something anyone wants. Therefore, the function of a wallet design is absolutely the first thing any men should look for. If you are one of those individuals who prefer to keep it simple yet trendy, you need to find the right wallet to fit in the things you need to carry with. The less you carry, the slimmer your wallet looks and you can avoid carrying a gorge wallet in your pant pockets.

Understand that you need the right wallet for the right job. If you are always travelling, find a wallet with a few compartments to fill in the necessary cards, cash and photos in. However there is nothing wrong for you to own a few wallet designs and use them when the situation demands it. If you have no idea the style of wallets you should carry on different settings, check out the types of men wallets below.

1. Billfold

This is the common design of wallet used by men as it has a few slots which you can fit numerous things inside. Some even have little slots where you can slip in tiny things such as love notes or guitar picks. However, some of you may tend to fill in too much things resulting it becoming huge than its actual size. Control the items you slip inside and make sure it does not flow out.

Our favourite picks:

Fossil brown Fossil Bifold Wallet
ZALORA<br>Striped Base Zip-Coin Bi-Fold Wallet

2. The Phone Pocket

For individuals who love spending their days outdoors or love to go for a weekend sport activity, phone pocket wallets will be the perfect fit. The reason is it is designed with a zipper that allows keeping all your things including your phone in place and from falling out during your activities.

Our favourite pick:

Bellroy<br>Everyday Phone Pocket Plus

3. Slim Wallet

Some men might prefer something more light and simple, thus the slim wallets is the perfect choice. Only carry the important things you need and slip the slim wallet behind your pant pockets. No one will ever know you are carrying a wallet with you. One of the brand which has stylish slim men wallets you could choose from is Bellroy.

Our favourite pick:

Bellroy<br>Slim Sleeve Wallet

4. Travel Wallets

If you are an avid traveler or often fly off to somewhere for work, it is crucial to own at least one wallet suitable for those travel trips. Travel wallets are designed to fit your cards, flight tickets and a section to slip in your passport too. You do not have to struggle pulling everything out from your pocket as everything you need to board the plane is in one place.

Our favourite picks:

Bellroy brown Travel Wallet
Ethnotek Chiburi Travel Wallet - Guatemala 4

Do you have any other men design wallets which you prefer other than these four? Do feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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