Men’s Guide to Buy The Perfect Flowers

It is known that men should give flowers to girls they like or adore especially during the first date, anniversary celebration or as an act of apology. However, some men assume that roses will always do the trick. This might work for the first date when you are wearing that stylish blazer on but as you go on knowing her, you will probably discover that sometimes roses are just not her style and your impressive charm might not work anymore. As lovely as roses are, there are other flowers which the woman loves more. So do a research of which flowers are your woman’s favourite and this mostly reflects her personality. If you have no idea, check out the guide to finding the perfect flowers for the loved one down below.

1. Roses

Okay, we cannot deny that roses sweet smell and beautiful appearance makes a majority of girl’s heart flutters. But do take note the colour of roses they love. It is known that yellow roses stands for friendship so if you really like the girl, do not give yellow roses as it might be assumed that you just want to put her on friendzone from the beginning. Instead if you want to sway from the cliché red, go for pink and white roses or a combination of both. No women can ever deny the prettiness of the flower arrangement.

2. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are often overlooked as a woman’s favourite flower but it is for women ladies out there. Why? Because it brings out a smile to anyone’s face with its bright colour and takes a longer time to wither compared to roses. If you are with a girl who is unique from the rest, this flower definitely describes her character. Bring this flower to her on days when she is down and she will definitely appreciate your effort to make her smile again.

3. Orchids

Some ladies out there love orchids as if show a sense of class and maturity. If you are dating or married with someone who is sophisticated and elegant, this will be the perfect flower to buy for her.

4. Carnations

Carnations are becoming a lot of woman’s favourite these days as it gives that fluffy feminine appeal. They are just so lovely to look at and the perfect gift for ladies who have a soft kind heart. However just like roses, carnations are available in various colour and it is recommended for you to get the pink, purple and white ones.

5. Wild flowers

Okay this is mostly not thought of many men but if you want to spice things up , give her wild flowers which you handpicked yourself and put it like a nice bouquet. Classic romantic is what it is which will absolutely impress your girl. Just make sure you do not accidentally pick any poison ivy by mistake. That will be an epic fail attempt to become romantic.

Do you have any other flowers which your girl loves? Feel free to share them with us here for more insights.

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