Model Off Duty Poses You Can Steal

You absolutely love taking outfit of the day photos but lately, you don’t have the slightest idea how to pose. Take a break, have a look at some poses by models off duty and you’ll be back up in the camera frame in no time. Models aren’t just all about sharp gazes in editorials and long strides across the runway. Off the work clock, they’ve actually got some great poses for you to try without feeling like it’s over the top.

  1. The Stance

Top of the list is the no fuss, full body pose. Some might find it a tad bit awkward to stand tall in the middle of day light in public but remember to be confident. Roll your shoulders back to straighten your body line and stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Try subtle variations by adding your hands in your pockets or hold onto something. Move a little instead of just standing still.

P/s: If you’re petite, get your friend to stand further and go into a lower position or angle when taking the photo. This ought to give you a wee bit of a height extension.

2. The Fix

Whether you’re fixing that flyaway or tying up your hair, perhaps even putting on your sunglasses midway, this is called The Fix. It works best for beating camera shyness because it allows you to create candid moments which also often result in one of a kind photo shots. Try adding The Stance and The Fix together in one photo. This combo might just get you the photo you’ve been looking for.

3. The Peekaboo

Stand with 3/4 of your body or your back fully turned and angled towards the camera. Then sneak a peak with your best girl next door smile or a serious gaze. Get your friend to count to three and on three, turn to face the camera midway. You can arch your legs a little to give the photo a little movement and to add some liveliness. Look over your shoulders and make that ootd photo lit.

4. The Handheld

You’ll almost for sure be doing this most of the time so why not use it as a pose in your photos? It gives off that I’m-too-busy-to-pose vibe. Simply have a phone in your hand and pretend you’re completely unbothered. If you’re looking for a smiley type photo, give out a smile or laugh. These little things count even in photos for added details.

5. The Quirk

Caution, only try these poses if you’re really sure you’re comfortable with it. Else the photos might turn out looking more all over the place than completely natural. Jump, twirl or spin. Walk towards the camera. The Quirk is where you can showcase personality in your photos. Break the “feed” of aesthetic stoic poses and add a some life into it.

So what poses will you be trying next? Got any pose ideas of your own? Share it by commenting down below.