Mood: Bold & Bright Wonder

Striking colours and dazzling prints are not for everyone. Some prefer to shy away from the bold lively colours for it may attract too much attention. Some might not pick that dress they like just because it’s made out of fabric that has a print for fear of looking “too much”. Well, it’s high time you try to get out of the world of pastel and monochrome. Get inspired by these looks today and step into the wonder of playful colours and prints.

When you maximise all your options this way, there’s no stopping you from blocking and mixing your brights in any ensemble. Although striking as it may seem, it is effortless and tasteful. Look for the colours in the fabric prints, pick them out and match accordingly with your bags, shoes or just about anything that’s an accessory.

There’s an art to it and the more you train your eyes to look beyond just a colour or print, you’ll be well on your way towards dressing up in the vivid like a pro.

Most prints and a solid white hue often go hand in hand and you’ll be beaming in this duo. It’s clean and eye catching. The visuals will flow softer on the eyes. You can of course, pair it with black as well because it’s another great solid to go with just about anything but that’s well reserved for the more mysterious vibe. Go with the white for days when all you need is a bright perspective.

So you just can’t seem to do it alone? Bring a friend along. If she or he is just as new to the wonderful world of brights, let them pick one and accentuate it throughout the outfit while you use the newfound knowledge of wearing all things bold from today’s inspiration mood board and dive in head first. Strike gold in friendship goals when you both pair the striking colours or prints together.

Now that you’ve seen how the bold, bright and beautiful are in action, it’s your turn to try them on. Got a tip of your own? Share with a comment below.