New Mom Beauty Secrets


We often hear that pregnancy is beautiful and that you will have that pregnancy glow. However, no one tells you about the how your hormones might mess things up after you deliver your baby. During pregnancy, our skin will glow and our hair will shine healthy but imagine what happens after. Mothers often hide the fact that after delivery might not be the best stage to go through and try to work through it. If you realize how new moms bounce back from their pregnancy weight and look great as soon as they step out of the house, they have their own secrets. Let’s check out what new moms have been hiding from you.

  1. Eyeliner Power

Being a new mom, you will have sleepless nights and still coping with the post-partum tiredness. Whether you like it or not, your eyes will look puffy and dark circles will appear. Thank God for the existence of eyeliner! Eyeliner always makes your tired eyes have that fresh sparkle again.

2.Make your lips POP!


When a new mom steps out of the house, you will notice that their lips will always have a pop of colour. It does not matter whether you prefer a nude, pink or red lips, lipsticks will definitely be new mom’s go-to make up item. With a slight tint of shade, you will appear beautiful effortlessly.

3.Dress well


Since new moms will have some extra fat on the tummy area due to all the stretching during pregnancy, you might think that dressing up is impossible. No it is NOT! Choose something casual yet classy and something that fits you comfortably well. Forget those maternity clothes and dress up in some loose tops

4.Get a new hairstyle


It has been 9 months of pregnancy and a couple of months to heal your body again. So why not use that time to get a new look. You can change your hair colour or hairstyle to have that extra boost of confidence when you face the outside world again. However, do take note to choose a versatile look which you can maintain well as motherhood will be taking up most of your personal time away. You will not have the energy to maintain a look which is complicated to be taken care of.

5.Manicure and Pedicure


You will be handling your baby from now on and clean nails are always a must. Not only that, you can hardly reach your feet to trim those nails while you were pregnant before. So treat yourself to a mani pedi session as soon as you feel a little bit better after delivery.

So ladies, just because you became a mother does not mean you have to come second. Do some easy quick beauty routine to feel beautiful in your own skin. This is because the happier you are, the more great your maternal skills will be. If you have some new mom beauty tips to share, please do so in the comment section below.