No Makeup Makeup Essentials

With non-touring — that’s the opposite of contouring fyi, taking centre stage and trending up in 2017, it’s time to break down what you’ll need for a foolproof no makeup makeup look. Depending on what skin concern you might have, hopefully these easy basics can keep you looking fab without too much on during the day or night out.

1. Treat and Prep

The less of a troubled skin you have, the easier and less makeup you’ll need to achieve the no makeup makeup look. So take the time to ready your skin prior to makeup application. If your skin is dehydrated, moisturize. Experiencing redness? Apply a soothing balm or gel. Know your skin type and prep for it. Most importantly, no matter what skin concern you may have, apply a suncare product.

2. Put Your Face On

This is the part where you’ll have to keep yourself away from the heavy foundation creams and try to steer yourself towards lighter coverage. “But I have imperfections to cover!” Most do, so instead of a full to medium coverage product, aim for sheer types instead.

A good idea would be CC (colour correcting) creams which are usually lighter than usual BB (blemish balm) creams. For those with less needed coverage, a good concealer or face powder is ALL you’ll ever need. Remember, don’t layer unless you absolutely must. Just one is enough so pick your choice; CC Cream, Face Powder or Concealer.

3. Eyes, Cheeks and Lips

Surprise, it’s already the last step! Choose colours that have a natural hue depending on your skin tone. Ditch the eyeliner if you can and just apply mascara instead. Or either one depending on your preference. For cheeks, a soft dab or tint is sufficient. Opt for a quick bronze stroke for a slight chiseled effect. As for the lips, choose the cutest gloss you have or do a quick tint in the middle for that barely there kissable pout.

P/s: Natural brows are best so keep your fleek au naturale with a quick brush or tint if you can’t go without some brows done.

Yes, we’re all very much aware that no makeup makeup is not for everyone because quite frankly, we all have different skin concerns and insecurities. But if you take the time and pluck up the courage, it’s actually a way of healing your skin from all the heavy makeup you’re probably used to. So let’s give barely there makeup a try shall we?

What’s your go to item for the no makeup makeup look? Share a tip down below!