Of Icons & Inspiration: What’s Yours?

Hearing or simply reading the word “Icon” sparks an image or two in your mind. Is it an actress or actor from the 60s? A humble yet stylish lifestyle blogger? Or perhaps an accomplished entrepreneur with a heart of gold? Just about anyone can your source of inspiration. Your muse doesn’t have to be generic. It can also be as spontaneous as the people you encounter in everyday life or even the little things you experience from a different perspective.

Put all these aside and think about let’s say…the time you’ve been inspired by the look books put together by your favourite online shopping platform like ZALORA. Well, it’s a definitive yes since you’ve owned what’s been styled and pictured in those looks. You may think you’re inspired by the looks but actually behind the scenes, YOU’RE the inspiration for these looks.

You’ve been enjoying your shopping experience so far because of what ZALORA brings to you. There’s no better way to “bring it” than by keeping up to date with what YOU’RE wearing or what YOU’D love to wear. Great looks are always inspired but that’s the whole point. Icons inspire to aspire. Now, it’s almost time for something big at ZALORA. You’ll get to know icons and be part of a wonderful experience. So tune in for upcoming updates and get to know what it’s all about. Hint: #ZALORAICONS

It’s coming soon! Got any ideas what it’ll be? Leave your theories in a comment down below.