Overcome Post Night Out Beauty Ritual Woes

When you’ve had a long day out with your best friends or perhaps you just got back home from a late night movie premier, let’s face it, you’re exhausted. Between picking your outfit for the day and making sure your makeup is on point and then socialising, it’s a whole ritual on its own!

Then you come home and you dread what comes next — makeup removal and the cleansing regime that comes along with it.

Dreadful indeed but is it worth dealing with trapped comedones and a breakout the next day or throughout the following week? The answer is no, of course not! So here are a few tips to help you get over that bit of lazy and transform into a happy skin, happy you state.

1. Eyes and lips first

That mascara gunk and liquid eyeliner won’t remove itself. Oh, and that dry long lasting matte lipstick won’t either. So pass through these challenging hurdles first. Depending on your preference, you can use a separate formula for eye and lip makeup removal or go all in with a complete whole makeup removal formula. Just know that it might not get everything out right. For those with sensitive skin, it’s best to get separate removers.

2. Know your steps

Some with a bit of an OCD might have already arranged their post-night out products before leaving the house but it’s not something for everyone. If you’re not the type to do so, then just know the steps. Makeup removal, cleansing, toning and moisturising. These are the simplest steps to follow if you get back home late. If you turned in earlier before midnight, you can add in more step variations such as makeup removal, cleansing, exfoliation, mask application, tone, serum and moisturise. So you see, these add ons don’t apply if you’re just way too tired so only do them when you’re in early.

3. Use the right products

There are some innovative beauty products that work great as a first aid for late night beauty regimes. Take the overnight sleeping mask for example. An overnight mask is basically a product you wear to sleep. It works its magic and absorbs into your skin while you sleep so when you feel like taking an extra step without the hassle of washing the mask off, this is your go to choice. A mask usually already has the added plus points of a serum and moisturiser so you don’t need to worry about these once you wake up in the morning. Say goodbye to puffy morning faces!

A three step tip that can help ease your woes with post night out beauty rituals. Got a fancy addition of your own? Share it with a comment down below!