Park Seo Joon for Sperry

Park Seo Joon, a name often reffered to as the ‘National Boyfriend’ of South Korea, the celebrity casual chic fashion sense matches nicely with his alluring charm. Taking the K-drama by storm with his amazing acting skills and great personality, he never fails to mesmerize his fans with his presence as well as fashion taste.

As seen in the image above, Park Seo Joon rocks the casual white tee, outer wear, sunglasses and sneakers ensemble. It exudes that urban touch to his look and the sneakers goes with anything. Whether you pair it with chino pants, denim jeans or a tailored suit, sneakers will always make you look trendy. The celebrity always impresses us with his minimalist styles and hardly uses any added accessories. Perhaps his best accessory comes with just really good genes!

His laid back manner on the way he dresses remains a mystery as he looks dashingly handsome without putting much effort. With his tousled hair and rolled up pants, pushes his casual look to a whole new level. He shows off the stylish pair of boat shoes with style everywhere he goes and still manages to appear charming as he is. It does not matter what colours of shoes he puts on, Park Seo Joon knows how to simply mix match it with whatever he has on.

Source: Media Cache

Even when he is suited up, Park Seo Joon successfully transforms his swag appearance into a classy sophisticated look. His polished image gives that clean, modern and mature look while still appearing fashionable as ever.

Experiment various fashion looks as Park Seo Joon does and be confident everywhere you go. Change hair styles, pull different outfits and show it off with style. If you have been neglecting in following trends, perhaps it is the time to follow the footsteps of Park Seo Joon.

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