Party Pick-Me-Ups

If your festive outfit is already looking a little drab, fear not. We’ve selected some of our favourite pieces that are guaranteed to liven up those rainy evenings and bring a spark back into your wardrobe. Metallic clutches, lipstick-shaped bags, and even the occasional shiny bow ring will leave you dressed and ready for Christmas. Not forgetting the boys, we’ve selected some fabulous leather wallets and card holders that are perfect as little pressies to yourself, or more traditionally to someone else. But who cares about tradition eh?

Zipper Clutch
Push Lock Clutch
Shimmer Fabric 2-Way Bag
Passport Cover Wallet Set
Keyring Wallet Set
Cardholder Wallet Set
Assorted Santa Charm Bracelet
Present Ribbon Ring
Minimalist Xmas Tree Charm Bracelet
Line Print Duo Strap Watch Set
Micro Print Duo Strap Watch Set
Yatch Print Duo Strap Watch Set
Celebration Bangle Watch Set
Snowflake Bracelet
Crossover Bangle