Photo Editing Apps That Will Turn Up Your Instagram Feed Like A Blogger

You probably realize that every time your scroll through your Instagram feed, there are accounts which just mesmerize us with their fascinating photos. The Instagram account feeds which are booming with editorial type images that capture our eyes to press ‘like’. Bloggers are the mostly the ones rocking their Instagram feed with their amazing OOTD shots, places they visit to the items they purchase. Their photos just makes us want for more from them and leading us to hit the follow button. Some of may want to know how these bloggers edit their photos perfectly crisp so take a look at the popular photo editing apps that can turn up your Instagram feed below.


VSCO app is the most used photo editor by bloggers as it allows you to edit the theme easily. The app helps you to identify your preferred theme and make it the same style every time you upload your photo.

2. Facetune

We bet that you probably are amazed with the some Instagram feeds by bloggers who turn out white and crisp clean. The lighting seems perfect with the white touch and makes your photo look like it is straight out of a magazine. Among the bloggers which are adored for their white clean Instagram feed are @meghanrienks, @mariannahewiit and @chrisellelim. Besides that you could also use this app to smoothen out your makeup or edit it certain things to be more detailed.

3. Afterlight

No one can deny that sometimes the photos we snap do not turn out nicely as we hope so especially the lighting of the photo. If you have no idea, lighting is very important in making sure that your photos turn out good. Afterlight is the app to help your dull photo turn brighter with a few adjustments. Adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation to get the best result.

4. Snapseed

For the individuals who love snapping pictures of landscapes and food, Snapseed app is the perfect choice. Explore all the various filters available and find the one that suits the image.

Do you know any other photo editing apps that have helped you make your photos incredible? Please feel free to share it with us in the comment section below so we all can become an Insta famous.

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