Preventing Headaches with Simple Changes


Popping painkillers when you’ve been hit in the head (figuratively) with a throbbing ache isn’t always the best way to treat it. Whether it’s a mild headache or a striking migraine, you can give these tips a try and perhaps even prevent them from happening in the first place.

  1. Your screen is too bright

We’re talking about your device here. The laptop you’re working with, the computer screen, phones, tablets you name it! Turn the brightness down and try not to work too late into the night. Even if you have to, turn on the room lights and don’t work in the dark. You’re compromising your eyesight as well, not just your head.

2. You’re not sleeping enough


The amount of sleep you get can easily influence how frequent headaches can occur. Lack of sleep turns into stress and tension; leading to an explosion in your head. If you simply must get something done, aim for power naps in between.

3. You’re dehydrated


One can never hear “Drink more water,” enough in one day. It’s also important that you hydrate yourself throughout the day. Dehydration easily triggers headaches so whenever you feel parched, it’s time to drink a cup of water or two.

4. You’re stressed out


Find your calm. If you need to vent out, find a good friend who listens without prejudice. If you’re not the type to talk about your problems, find a good way to channel out all those negative vibes — sports, a trip away, movie night, etc. Give chamomile tea a try too. It’s a well known remedy for stress relief.

5. You’re not eating well


Skipping breakfast isn’t a good idea and starting the day with coffee is just as bad. Begin your day with juice and oats instead of coffee on an empty stomach. Eat meals regularly on time if possible and try light snacks in between. When your blood sugar drops, it’s also the cause of migraine so eat up on time.

Ever experienced a slight headache or nauseating migraine? How do you prevent them from happening? Let us know with a comment below.