Proper Hydration for Your Skin Type

If there’s one thing that you’re not doing right with your skin care regimen right now is it’s either you’re using the wrong moisturiser base for your skin type or you have decided to forgo moisturiser all at once. Your skin is thirsty and it needs to be quenched by using the perfect moisturiser according to your skin type! When you’ve given up on moisturiser, it’s like giving up on drinking water altogether which is bad even for your body’s well-being. Fret not, here’s the roundup to picking your skin’s favourite moisturiser.

Best for all skin types except very dry, go for a gel to lightweight lotion formula. Light formulas usually contain hyaluronic acid which is a non greasy way to pull in moisture for your skin while plumping and hydrating it for the long day ahead. Gel formulas are also best for acne prone skin. Just because you have acne, it doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need to hydrate. Pick a gel formula moisturiser for acne prone skin so it easily penetrates your skin without leaving a trace of grease. Plus, with lightweight formulas, your skin won’t feel suffocated and will less likely produce excess sebum.

Now for those with dry to extra dry skin, opt for cream formulas instead of gels. While gels penetrate quicker than creams do, they are less hydrating for dry skin types. If you’ve tried gel moisturisers on dry skin, you’ll find it extremely uncomfortable as though your skin is pulled tightly and may flake. Grab cream moisturisers formulated with rich oils and vitamins which penetrate better into your skin. Quick tip for dry skin types which are prone to whiteheads or milia, don’t forget to add some glycolics into your skincare routine to renew skin cells and prevent congested skin.

What about those with acne prone AND super dry flaky skin? Do you go with a gel based or cream formula moisturiser? Here’s where it gets tricky. Always aim to hydrate so pick a cream based moisturiser that has a targeted formula for sensitive, acne prone and dry skin. Opt for a fragrance free cream moisturiser since allergies and breakouts often occur from the use of products containing fragrances. But when in doubt, consult your derm doctor for recommendations. Oh, don’t forget that a healthy diet and lifestyle goes a long way too!

So what are your favourite moisturisers? Are they gel, cream or hybrid formulas? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.