Props That Will Help You Up Your Photography Game

You probably wonder why that some of the Instagram accounts you follow especially bloggers or socialites have a very interesting feed. The images they post seem like it is straight out of an editorial shoot or magazine and you have no clue how to pull it off for your Instagram accounts. Yes, you may have a clear visual of what you want to post but it never turns out as spectacular. If you want to know a tip on how to make your Instagram stunning as well, props play a very important role in making your photos pop! Check out the types of props which can definitely help put a speed into your photography game.

1. White flat lay

This is an obvious choice but to tell the truth, it is absolutely a game changer. A white flat lay such as a white card or white desk bring out the object. This is best for a scattered look, for example like shooting beauty products where you throw things on it and get the best angle of the whole appearance of it.

2. Wood samples

If you want to sway from the white background in your photos, find a wooden table or wooden floor. The rustic look is great to put that extra special effect to your object. However, make sure that the item you are shooting blends in perfectly with the wooden look.

3. Rugs or blankets

Rugs and blankets are a great substitute if you want to add some texture to your image. Instead of using a flat white flat lay or wooden samples, rugs and blankets gives a more laid back feel to it. Who doesn’t love looking at something snuggly. One place which sells faux fur rug which is great for your photos and a nice decoration to your room as well is at IKEA. Bed sheets also works fine too.

4. Flowers

Flowers definitely add that feminine and fresh touch to your photos. Go with any flowers real or fake you have in the house and make the best arrangement for it.

5. Magazines and books

It is nice to create a mixture of colours and elements into your image. Magazines and books definitely does the trick. Take into mind to use covers of books and magazines which blends in balance with everything else around it. Be creative!

6. Jewellery

Jewellery definitely adds that exclusive touch to your snaps and works best with a white or black flat lay. This brings out the glamour element out of the whole scene and draw others attention to the shot.

Do you have any other props to add to the list? Feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section below for all of us to experiment with. Have fun snapping!

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