Reasons to Wash Your Make Up Before Going to Bed

It cannot be denied that there are days where you are just plain tired to get anything done after a long day of work or a day out and prefer to just go straight to bed. Being women who wear makeup, it can be hard to simply just washing your face with water like men and hop onto your sweet bed to sleep. While men can get away with this, women simply CAN’T! Why? Although some of you ladies might be guilty of sleeping with your make up on, there are plenty of reasons that you should always rinse that makeup off before going to bed.

  1. Ruin your pillows

Ask yourself, do you really want your clean comfy pillows get stained by your full on makeup? Your bed is a serene place in the house where everything needs to be clean, comfy and of course free from bacteria. If you do fall asleep with your make up on, take those pillow covers off and wash them. However, please wash your face with facial cleanser and do not let sleeping with makeup on become a habit.

2. Breakouts

Makeup always is best to enhance your natural beauty but wearing it all day may result in clogging your pores. It is wise to rinse all of it off before heading to bed to prevent from breakouts emerging on your face the next day. Do not blame the hormones when this happens.

3. Aging fast

You might not believe this but your skin ages every single day especially while you are asleep. Therefore it is crucial to keep it fresh, clean and makeup might be blocking the oxygen to your skin. So take 5 to 15 minutes of your time at night to wash off excess dirt, oil and makeup away. You will definitely feel fresh and rejuvenated afterwards. Besides that, it will keep those wrinkles away.

Are you one of those women who are guilty of dozing off with your makeup on? Think again and change that habit.