Reds for Everyone

For a flawless Parisian chic flair to achieving a polished look, the best red lipstick is often sought after. The key to looking fab in a red lipstick is to find YOUR shade of red. You’ve probably read a tonne of tutorials about looking for your shade and it’s all confusing but lucky you, this is a simplified version of the find-your-red guide. Oh, plus a little tip regarding application at the end.

  1. It’s in your veins
via Kelsey Hannah

There are so many tried and tested tests to figure out your skin tone, you name it the internet has it. A surefire way though? Look at the veins in the wrist of your hands. Best done under natural lighting; sunlight.

Blue-purple veins, you’re Cool Toned. Blue-green veins, you’re Warm Toned. A mix of purple-blue-green veins, you’re Neutral Toned.

P/s: Don’t forget to check your skin’s intensity range which usually goes from Fair (Light), Medium (Tan) and Dark (Deep).

2. Fair, Medium, Dark with Cool Undertones

Okay so you’ve figured out that you have cool tones. Now it’s time to know your red. Cool tones will wear blue reds aka reds with blue undertones with ease and it will definitely look best on you. Some examples include L’oreal British Red (Fair), Maybelline Red Revival (Medium), Revlon Brilliant Bordeaux (Dark).

3. Fair, Medium, Dark with Warm Undertones

Hello warm toned beauty. For you, the best kind of red lipstick that will make you pop have an orange to yellow tinge. The orange red is spicy and feisty though at the same time remains classic for your skin tone. Some choices include Revlon Fire and Ice (Fair), L’oreal Ravishing Red (Medium), Maybelline Ruby Star (Dark).

4. Fair, Medium, Dark with Neutral Undertones

Well, Neutral Undertones can pull of any reds. However, it can be confusing at first since you’ll probably end up being indecisive. Don’t worry, red lipsticks that work for neutrals are TRUE REDS such as Maybelline Daring Ruby (Fair), Maybelline Infra Red (Medium), Revlon Standout (Dark). True Reds work for both Cool & Warm Tones too!

5. To the finishing line

Remember to line your lips to avoid the colours from bleeding out or feathering. Use brushes and tools for precision. A lipstick finish is simply a formula such as cream, matte or gloss. From sheer to bold, different finishes will help achieve the coverage you’re looking for.

Keep in mind there’s always the case of trial and error. So what’s your favourite red? Share your secret to a flawless red lip!