Rizalman for ZALORA

Rizalman’s signature form-fitting cuts and elegant ‘kurungs’ take center stage in this collection, as the designer presents new and fresh ideas to traditional dressing for the festive season and everyday wear. Embellishments are kept minimal as Rizalman focused on the use of beautiful and innovative fabrics to elevate the elegance of each piece. Jersey, lace, crepe silk and georgette silk are used generously in addition to laces and metallic elements that create an old-world sophistication that only Rizalman could have recreated. Exquisitely printed fabric of specially-made patterns and classic ‘animalier’ prints break the monotony of the collection, perfect for fans of drama and pop- music culture. Rizalman for ZALORA also saw the designer exploring new areas of design — the play of proportions and challenging classic designs with new twists from conversation pieces. Outfits are given a modern uplift whilst maintaining the ladylike sensibility in their designs.