Shoe Trend Report: Lace Up High Heels Rocking in 2016

Shoes are always giving us that complete feeling with its minimal approach to our outfits. However, it doesn’t make it easy for us to make our choices since design and practicality often comes into our mind. Since the fashion industry is a fast pace scene, various shoe designs go and out without realizing it. Here we bring you the latest shoe trend report to keep you up-to-date with what is rocking this early 2016. Whether you have been flipping through fashion magazines, scrolling through Instagram accounts or walking pass a retail store, you will probably notice that lace up shoes are rocking this season.

Lace up shoes is seen flaunted by a majority of women lately from runways to the streets looking amazing as ever. You can pull it off with any outfit you have on and the lace up shoes will definitely help bring out a statement to your appearance. There are various types of lace up shoe designs available for you to feast your eyes on. If you are someone who prefers a simple yet sophisticated touch to your wardrobe, the classic black lace up high heels are the most popular pick among ladies. The cut out design definitely gives a sexy appeal to your entire look.

ZALORA Lace Up Heels
Something Borrowed Cut Out Heels
Sidewalk Twisted Strap Boots

Laced up to the mid-calf, the slight platform heels have that sturdy touch to it making the shoes look delectable and stylish. Women can show off their elegance walking in the trendy shoe lace design all around town. The modern twist absolutely brings a new level of style which women can style with a nice skirt or dress on their day out. It adds a feminine touch which makes it the perfect must-have pair of heels to add into your shoe closet at home.

For the ladies who want to bring out a fashion statement with ease, forget those jewelleries and pull it off by wearing this fantastic lace up high heels. Printed lace up high heels will add that new breath of style to your entire wardrobe everywhere you go. No one can ever stare away from your incredible lace up heels as it draws attention due to its trendy design. The printed design of the high heels definitely serves as a quick way for you to appear glamorous effortlessly.

Any other shoe trends you have spotted this early 2016? Do feel free to share your fashion insights with us in the comment section below.

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