Silly Things He Does Which Proves He Doesn’t Love You Enough

It cannot be denied that as much as we are head over heels over someone, we can sometimes be blinded by love and hardly notice the red flags. As much as you want to believe that he truly loves you, you might need to reflect in your relationship once in a while as everyone deserve to be happy and treated with respect. If you are unsure whether he loves you enough or feel not appreciated, these silly things listed below might be the reason.

1. Ask to Change Your Appearance

If he is a type of guy which asks you to change your appearance, it might be inappropriate as your fashion style is how you portray yourself. As we know, we have style phases in our life which we need to decide ourselves and not made by others. It is okay if he puts an opinion or suggestion during his shopping trip with you, but to ask you change your appearance directly is a definite no-no.

2. Says to Give Up on Your Dreams

If he really loves you, of course with no doubt he should support you in whatever you do. He will not undermine you or ask you to give up on your dreams. He should always be there to give you words of encouragement and lend his ears to listen to your desires.

3. Keeps Your Relationship a Secret

For a man who truly adores you, he will never ever want to keep your relationship a secret at least not to his family and close friends. But as the relationship progresses, keeping you from his social media existence sends a huge red flag. You might be thinking why wouldn’t he want to show me off? Is he embarrassed with me? Is he pretending to be single and ready to mingle?

4. Never Talks About the Future

This will normally be a concern if you have known each other for quite some time. If he never talks about future plans with you from moving in together, kids, family or even marriage, then it is probably a sign he is not ready to stay true to one woman for the rest of his life. This is because if a man loves you deeply, he will definitely not want to lose you and cannot wait to grow old with you.

5. Looking at Other Women

As much as man says they are created in a way to mesmerize women, that is not an excuse for them to look at other women especially when they are in a serious relationship with you. His eyes will just adore you no matter how much pretty other women may be.

6. Compares you to Other Women

He should never compare you to other women as this is very hurtful. If he loves you, he should accept you for who you are. Yes, we might not be perfect as Barbie but true love is to love someone unconditionally.

7. Does Not Spend Time and Money On You

Everyone wants a true gentleman in their love life. It is not that you want him to pay all the time or spend 24 hours with you but if he ends up making you pay for things or never finds time to see you, you might need to rethink about the relationship. Why? Because being in a relationship needs hard work, time, energy and sometimes money in the mix.

8. Never There When You Need Him

Have you ever found yourself being ignored and left to fend for yourself in time of need especially by him? If this happens, you might not be his top priority and concern in life. You do not want to feel under appreciated by someone who is never there when you need them the most.

Do you know any other silly things that men do which might be painful to bear? Feel free to share them in the comment section below. We bet you have a lot of stories to tell.

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