Song Hye-kyo’s Hot Picks from ESPRIT

ESPRIT has partnered with famous South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo to launch the new #LoveSong collection. The South Korean actress gained popularity through popular television dramas such as Full House and The Winter, The Wind Blows, regularly playing spirited, strong and playful women — similar to her own natural personality that fits in perfectly with the free-spirited attitude that ESPRIT aspires towards.

“ESPRIT strives to unleash the unique personality in every woman. The brand offers an eclectic array of apparel for me to mix and match in my own style. I look forward to sharing this insight with friends of ESPRIT”, said Song Hye-kyo.

Song Hye-kyo’s first #LoveSong capsule as part of the collaboration project allows you to freely follow your fashion mood whilst keeping up appearances and staying truly fashionable. Mixing romance and tailoring like the poppy red trench coat, the pieces selected are easy to fit into your wardrobe but still guaranteed to make heads turn when worn! With Song Hye-kyo picking her favourite pieces every month for 2016 as well as a public appearance or two, ESPRIT’s Chinese New Year Collection is the first of many very exciting special projects ahead.