Sports Bras. Sorted.

Why your workout bra is the most important item in your gym bag!

Working out has never been as important or as fashionable as it is today. Whether it’s a cute outfit pictured in a glossy mag or lust-worthy abs posted on Instagram alongside the hashtag #strongnotskinny everyone seems to be focusing on their health — whilst of course still looking glamorous.

Whilst looking good makes you feel good when in the gym, proper gym wear is essential especially when it comes to the sports bra. Continuous and repetitive movements (synonymous with exercise!) can cause pain and sagging. Without proper support the connective tissues that maintain the tone and shape of the breast — lengthen and weaken over time. Workout bras are designed to minimize the damage done to these ligaments by reducing movement.

We spoke to Cotton On Body’s Trend Forecaster, Stephanie Keen, about the importance of wearing the right sports bra.

Why should women wear a sports bra and not a normal bra when working out?

Sports bras are essential during a workout, to provide optimum support and comfort. Not having the right support can impact your workout, especially during high-impact sessions. Having the right fit and support is key to comfort, as well as output! No matter what you’re doing, if you feel confident in your own skin, you are going to perform better. So it’s no surprise that the right fitting sports bra can improve your attitude, and therefore, your workout performance.

How tight should your sports bra straps be? I.e. can you have comfort and bounce control at the same time?

Straps should be tight enough to provide support while still being completely comfortable. It’s important to keep in mind that the tightness of your bra straps may change depending on the type of activity you’re doing — a yoga crop with adjustable straps can be loosened for a yoga class or tightened for a power walk.

Do women need different styles of sports bras for different workouts?

You need to wear the appropriate workout gear for the form of exercise you’re doing. A crop top is suitable for a low impact workout such as yoga or a light walk; however, it may not provide enough support for a high-impact workout. Whether it’s running, yoga or boxing — you need the right fit and support to train the way you want! For higher impact workouts, make sure you choose a sports bra that has breathable mesh lining to keep you cool during your workout. Cotton On Body’s workout bra range has been constructed for medium impact workouts, with underwire for maximum support, breathable mesh lining and a racer back with hook and eye closure.