STYLE QUICKIE EP 9- Summer Festival

If there’s anything more important than attending a summer festive event, it’s what you wear. We’ve entered the high days of fringes, boots, layered accessories, and colorful apparel. Coachella and other trending festival events have sparked up a whole new style sensation that has everyone collecting boho-inspired sets of clothing, shoes, and accessories. From flash tats stamped everywhere to one fashionable piece layered on another, summer festive style is your opportunity to go crazy over colors, prints, and patterns up to the right dose.

A festive Coachella-inspired outfit should be able to withstand the definite drop and spike of temperatures of partying from day to night. While you may assume that festive fashion is an easily assembled style, think again. There’s more to it than layering accessories and putting together sheer and fringe pieces. Beyond the free spirited nature of the summer festive looks, there are still a few do’s, don’ts, and sartorial conditions to keep in mind.

We’ve taken the liberty of gathering the perfect set of summer festive pieces that will definitely fuel your stylish A-game. It’s time to pair off those sheer tops with denim short shorts and accessorize with floral crowns, statement necklaces, fringe bags and let’s not forget those gladiator sandals. There are plenty of flaunt-worthy fashion picks for you to try on in this bunch. So show off your great sense of style by creating well-put together summer festive ensembles.

Look 1 — Wanderlust Gypsy

Look 2 — Tribal Dreamer

Look 3 — Flower Child

Look 4 — Wildfox Wanderer