STYLE QUICKIE Episode 11 — Summer Beach

It’s the season of bikinis, tank tops, and open-toed footwear. Summer has always been notorious at giving you the chance to show off your sexy figure and your gorgeous skin. Don’t let the heat throw off your cool and clothe yourself in summer pieces that will keep you looking fine, fresh, and fierce. When packing for beach essentials, take note of style staples that are sure to keep you on top of the trend. From a variety of denim shorts to a selection of printed swim wear and a whole lot of patterned tops, your summer wardrobe should be a combination of trendy and whimsical.

Summer-inspired fashion is centered on eye popping colors that match the sun’s brightly-lit rays plus cuts and lengths that show the right amount of skin. Fabrics and textures also matter when it comes to summer clothing. Denim, sheer, mesh, and neoprene are often the fabrics used to ensure a breezy effect. Beach and poolside outfits are often made up of clothes that you can layer and cover up in such as button downs, kimonos, and long flowy bottoms.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

It’s all about flaunting skin and enjoying the sun. Summer gives you the opportunity to wear a variety of clothing with flattering cuts. Plus you can combine colors that grab and command the crowd’s attention. Conjure up the perfect summer-inspired look to flaunt at the beach or on the poolside.