STYLE QUICKIE Episode 12- Korean Style

While the Hallyu effect is still on an obvious high, we’re all left with the fact that Korean-everything is a hit among the crowd. From jaw-dropping performances by K-Pop idols to must-watch Korean dramas, there’s no stopping the trend from growing even more popular than ever. And without a doubt, Korean fashion continues to catches up with the top trends of today. K-fashion is now at a league of its own. Inspiring fashionistas from all parts of the globe, this style is definitely one to copy for the certified style conscious guy and gal.

Korean fashion is inspired by a range of pastel palettes, sleek tones, and a creative use of neutrals. Apart from copying looks of famous boy and girl groups in Korea that have an unmatched eye for style, it takes effort and the right set of clothing to create and develop Korean style. For those with a talent for layering and combining color palettes, Korean style is a perfect fit. The outfits are all about flattering silhouettes and stacking up one stylish piece after another.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

We’re giving you a taste of Korean-inspired style to get you started. It’s about time you give your wardrobe a stylish update and borrow trends from Korean fashion. When adopting Korean style, go for pieces that give a right mixture of opposite such as loose and fitting, light tones versus dark, and chic with a touch of quirky. Add these looks to your list of Korean style looks-to-try and watch your style amplify up to a perfect 10.