Sunnies To Suit Your Face

Each and every one of us is different. Yes, that’s a very obvious statement that doesn’t take a genius to work out. But that means that the sunglasses your bestie wears may not actually suit you, even if you do accessorise alike in every other way. Finding the perfect pair can be a long and laborious task. To save you from the hassle of trying on endless styles, we present the know-how guide to frames that suit each face shape — so you spend less time trying ’em on and more time styling it up in the sunshine!

Face: Strong jaw line, square chin, broad forehead and similar in width and length.
Style: Your strong face will work perfectly against a more curvaceous shape as it gives a less angular appearance. A retro shape will work well, especially a feminine cat eye. Kiera Knightly, Demi Moore and Katie Holmes are all stars to look at for inspiration.

Face: More or less the same width and height.
Style: To highlight your cheekbones and create more definition in your face, look towards more geometric shapes. The ’80s and ’90s flat-topped sunnies. Selena Gomez and Emma Stone accentuate their round features with classic Wayfarer-styled shades.

Face: Symmetrically-shaped face, with perhaps a slightly narrow chin and forehead.
Style: Well, aren’t you the lucky one! Oval-shaped faces can pretty much get away with any style, due to their symmetrical face shape. The queens of music, Beyoncé and Rihanna both have oval faces and as we know very well, they both can do no wrong when it comes to style.

Face: Narrow face, longer in length than in width.
Style: Go for wide-rimmed, oversized, full-circle sunnies to instantly shorten your face and give the illusion of width. The bigger and bolder, the better! Look to Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker for more style solutions.