Surpassing Style Standards With SUPRÉ

Throwing and creating a fashionable look is easy. It’s getting the right mix of fashionable pieces that’s hard to beat. When it comes to figuring out the right brand to pick for a sure stylish strut all week long, Supré is more than happy to provide.

The Supré clothing brand was established in 1984 and since then, it’s continued its excellence in creating a lively and upbeat collection of fashion pieces for the female youth. Being a front runner in fast fashion, Supré has become an expert at adapting trends and sometimes even setting them. Housed and managed by the Cotton On Group since 2013, any style fan can assure you that this brand is one to own. As their soar higher into success, the brand constantly aims for a world of non-stop-hot for a style aware global girl. Supré gears its mission towards creating a creative and beautifully designed collection dedicated to dressing each modern fashionista in the style that fits her best.

Supré is all about casuals with a hint of your personal touch. May it be a pinch of feminine, a dash on grunge and rugged or a slight inclusion of boho-chic or tomboy, Supré is always out to creating apparel that suits the taste of fashion conscious gals today. In its new venture into popular prints and a brilliant combination of today’s most patterns, Supré sees an opportunity to clash fashion, colors and design. In an unwavering pursuit to keep each piece representing contemporary design, Supré is slowly becoming every lady’s must-have brand.

Is your closet due for a wardrobe update? You’re in luck. The Supré brand lets you bathe and lavish on a plethora of outerwear, denim essentials, style staples and accessories to die for. Now you can replace yesteryear’s worn out style with the delectable and updated collection of Supré that’s now made readily available to you via ZALORA.