Sweet Little Things That Shows How Much He Loves You


It cannot be denied that some women realize that their partners hardly show their romantic side or say sweet things. As women of course it is nice to be treated like a princess but in reality, but you cannot expect a man to pull that prince charming Cinderella fairy tale. However, that does not mean that you cannot have your own prince charming in your life. Sometimes those sweet little things your partner does show how much he loves you.

  1. Spontaneous Kindness

Have you ever realize that he spontaneously opens the door for you, carry your shopping bags without being asked or offers to pay for your new clothes etc? Well do not be blind. His kindness absolutely is a sign that he definitely loves you and is being true gentlemen.

2.Surprise Gifts


For the ladies who want something from their partners, give subtle hints. Why? This is because a true guy who loves you will definitely listen. They may not seem as if they care while you were giving those hints but wait when he surprises you. You will feel more in love with him.



Do not get confused of being caring and controlling? No women want a controlling man in her life and some women thinks controlling is caring. Caring is the act when he is concern of your well-being and wants to take care of you as his woman. He sends you food when you are ill, he listens to your stories, he comforts you when you are sad and more.

4.Unexpected Compliments


Yes, women want to hear compliments from their special someone. Who doesn’t want to feel that butterfly feeling when someone says a good thing about you? Everyone does but it is more appreciated when it comes from our partners. If he unexpected gives you compliments on even the simplest things you do like cooking for him or even when you wake up, it definitely tells you that he adores you deeply.

5. Kisses on the forehead


Those kisses on the forehead will always make us feel appreciated and it is definitely a sincere act of love. You will get back all those butterflies in your tummy as if you were dating for the first time.

What are other ways you experience that convinced you that he loves you? Do share them in the comment section below.