The Commandments of Happy Relationships

Everyone knows that being in a relationship takes a lot of hard work and both parties need to put effort into it. Despite the ups and downs, some relationships are bound to fail because one or both lack in some aspects of commandments in making it work. Yes, arguments and disagreements are normal but if you know how to build a strong foundation for the relationship, you can get through it hand in hand. Check them out below.

  1. Be truthful

Truth is one of the biggest parts to make a relationship work. You can never start a relationship based on lies because when you are caught, it will be assumed that you are not sincere and committed. Be truthful 100% because you need that someone that you know you can always rely on no matter what.

2. Respect One Another

Every relationship has its highs and lows but never forget to respect on another. Respect the things the other person likes or dislikes and handle arguments well. Not only that, you should also respect each other’s space because everyone needs some alone time.

3. Make the Time

Whether you are dating or married, each of us have responsibilities and sometimes we get caught up with it. Remember to always make time to spend together no matter what your schedule is. Even a short phone call before going to bed or a focused conversation during dinner will be perfect. If you have a long distance relationship, splatter some makeup on and make a video call to your loved one.

4. Own up to mistakes

Lower down your ego completely. Things can get heated in arguments but when everything has cooled down, own up to your mistakes. Do not play the blame game as it damages the relationship down the road. Even as simple as snapping at your partner on a moody day, you should always apologize.

5. Lift each other up

Be each other’s best friend and never fail to give support. Get strong together and give encouragements on each other’s progression in life. Words of support and positive push makes a person feel valued in the relationship.

6. Be selfless

Being in a relationship is a team effort so the ‘me’ attitude is something to let go. You may be independent and used to do your own thing when you were single but when you want to make a relationship work, be selfless. If you both put the other person a priority, everything will go smoothly.

Do you apply these in your own relationship? Share us your love stories below.