The Official Summer Style — Sunglasses

It doesn’t have to be the summer season for you to sport an incredible pair of shades. Once again giving you all you need to accessorize fashionably and flawlessly, ZALORA offers another round of brands to satisfy your craving for stylish eyewear. For an added aura of mystery, a touch of class or a pinch of trendy in your everyday looks, snag these amazing finds and add them into your accessories arsenal today.

Boss Orange

Popularly known for its luxurious and sleek motifs, Hugo Boss extends their impeccable taste in fashion onto its sunglasses collection — Boss Orange. Boasting a paralleled theme of clean lines, modern basic aesthetic and a tinge of classic details, these shades are out to inject a much-needed dose of luster and luxe into your wardrobe. As stunning and totally flaunt-worthy as its clothing collection, Boss Orange sunglasses are everyone’s pick for cool and trendy accessories.


Dating way back 1956, Carrera has been in the business of creating eyewear long enough to know what suits you and your everyday outfits. Successfully blending in with the trends and incorporating them into each of their sunglasses, Carrera stops at nothing until you’ve picked your perfect sunnies. Ranging from bold and sophisticated design up to sports and athletic shades, Carrera’s shades are a definite must-have for your closet.


Successful and sought after for their line of impeccably designed watches, the Fossil brand is now about to also become your favorite label for on-trend and fashionable shades. Add to your ever-growing accessories collection and trust that Fossil sunglasses can amplify your style to a perfect 10. Young and in-style, modern and respectful of the classics, Fossil proves yet again its skilled hand when it comes to all things urban.

Kate Spade

Nothing beats the combination of sophistication, feminine class and vibrant energy of Kate Spade. Apart from the crowd’s usual favorites like their handbags, clothing and jewelry, the brand shows off its expertise and creative skill in their all-new eyewear collection. Maintaining the poise and graceful detailing of its chic and utterly ladylike motif, Kate Spade gives you eyewear you can totally match with your well put-together ensembles.

Tommy Hilfiger

Known to have pioneered the “classic American cool” style, Tommy Hilfiger is every dapper man and classy chick’s ultimate pick for a new pair of neat and amazingly designed shades. When in need of another stylish detail to complete and complement your refined taste, snag a Tommy Hilfiger shades. It’s always best to complete a closet full of the best accessories.

These five sunglasses brands are out to decorate your every look, lift you out of a style rut and maximize your outfit’s potential. Check them out at ZALORA now and give you and your wardrobe a breath of fresh, hip and trendy detail.