The Past, The Present, The Future


The final is just around the corner and so the ultimate Harper’s Bazaar challenge took place. With each girl zoning into one era they all went back in time to try and win the final Asia’s Next Top Model challenge. We look at the girls final image and see how each era has effected fashion today.


Nip in your waist, lower your hemlines, increase your heel height and throw on a pair of cat-eye sunnies. Achieving the classic 1950’s look is as easy as that. Barbara nailed the traditional housewife look with her voluminous skirt and tucked in shirt but if you want to bring it a bit more into the current day take a look at Proenza Schouler’s yellow botanical print for a modern day take on a classic silhouette.


Although the 60’s focused on hypnotising prints Aimee rocked the swinging style whilst also having a beehive Amy Winehouse would be proud of. Her cat-eye flicks only made her bambi eyes bigger and more adorable whilst her sassy mini dress with over-sized military pockets brought the look into 2015. Adding a pair of over the knee-high boots and a metallic accessory and you’re ready — Yeah baby!


Skin-tight jumpsuits, big hair and even bigger platform heels pretty much sum up the 70’s. Whether you’re a lamé disco queen, laid back hippy or more of a foxy siren like Monika, the era was so relaxed and free–spirited anything would go. Look at the Summer ’15 collections from Saint Laurent, Gucci, Chloe or Pucci to see how to wear the 70’s trend today.


Black latex, metal cuffs and a fierce haircut is how Gani won the Harper’s Bazaar challenge. The 80’s established a new army of creative designers, no idea was too extreme and so the new romantics, goth and rave trends came about and with them the 80’s king David Bowie. Clashing colours, shoulder pads and controversial slogans ruled the streets and inspired designers like Balmain to bring back the padding.