The Sophisticate


We can’t help but feel uninspired when it comes to the idea of ‘sophisticated dressing’. We’re young and carefree, and quite happy to be dressed in ankle boots and mini A-line skirts. However, after seeing the likes of Victoria Beckham and Ralph Lauren’s Fall ’15 collections — featuring oversized cashmere knits with silk midi dresses and luscious soft leather stilettos in a neutral colour palette — we think it’s time to re-assess the meaning of the word.

In the past few seasons, designers have ramped up their take on casual sophistication. Mixing and matching a sequinned midi skirt with a denim shirt, or layering a cropped bomber over a high-waisted skirt — as seen at Chanel — instantly downplays the formal piece and makes it more wearable. It really is the perfect way to get that expensive, gorgeous dress out of the wardrobe more often.

The two-piece suit has also become more prominent this season. No longer are we stealing the suit from the boys; instead, we are owning the suit by bringing a touch of sexy, androgynous style to the classic ensemble. By wearing it with nothing underneath, a little cropped at the ankle or with a pair of sneakers, and in materials like a soft loose silk or creamy cashmere, we can transform the mundane suit into a wardrobe must-have.

Nail the sophisticated look while looking chic by following these three simple steps:

1. Quality or quantity? Yes, that tee may be $10 cheaper, but is it as nice?

2. Less is more — keeping some parts covered up will create an air of mystery; don’t give everything away at once.

3. Have one key piece and let the rest of your outfit complement it — like a printed shirt tucked into a high-waisted mini, paired with ankle boots.


Raw Edge Sleeveless Jacket
Studded Tote Bag
Contrast Material Pumps
Metallic Trim Mini Skirt
Studded Clutch
Metallic Aztec Printed Bodycon Dress
Trouble Seeker Faux Leather Jacket
Salvira Flat Pumps