The Types of Bras for Every Outfit and Occasion

It cannot be denied that we sometimes have a hard time deciding which bras are perfect for certain outfits and occasion. We do not want to make a mistake of wearing the wrong type of bra and jeopardizing our whole outfit. As people say wearing pretty lingerie underneath our clothes helps boost our confidence and wearing on the right one is crucial. This is because different bras vary with style, functionality and fabric. Therefore, in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month, we bring you the types of bra which are perfect for every outfit and occasion.

  1. Evening Night Out

For those who are looking for a whimsical night out by showing some skin, opt for the backless bra. Backless bras are designed to be worn with an open back or off shoulder dresses. It helps keeping everything covered and has a smooth look which can hardly be seen from under your bare back outfit. You do not have to worry of having the straps sliding off or showing while you are out about town.

2. Date Night!

Are you getting ready for a date night with that special someone? Plunges bra will be the perfect choice. Why? Because the plunge bra design are great for you to wear with low cut neckline tops or dresses. Its function is to create an increased cleavage which gives you that seductive appeal.

3. Everyday Wear

Yes, there are days where we need to wear that sexy lingerie but for everyday wear, we often prefer to wear a bra which is simple, comfortable and provides optimum support. A plain coloured bandeau bra or half cup has a light pad cushioning which gives a seamless coverage to wear under any clothes you have on every day.

4. Active Junkie

Whether you are hitting the gym to work out or doing yoga at home, it is crucial to wear the right type of bra. Sports bras are the way to go as it provides maximum support and reduce impact during your physical activities. You can wear it under you work out top or flaunt it as it is for that sexy athletic appearance.

5. For the Show Off Days

Ladies who are feeling extra confident and sexy can opt in showing off their under garments as a peekaboo effect under their clothes. It adds that sophisticate yet naughty touch to your appearance and perfect to be worn under white or see through outfits.

Are you wearing the type of bra with your outfits? Are you rocking the right ones for certain occasions? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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